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Workfront certified system admin spotlight: Sarah Stonestreet, Marketing Coordinator



For our final spotlight of 2020, meet @Sarah Stonestreet‚ ‚Äî a dedicated system admin who supports a lot of marketing teams and is a big fan of the community‚Äîand we're big fans of hers!


Workfront: What was your background before learning Workfront?

Sarah: With a degree and early career in journalism, project management was not really on my radar! I was lucky to start at my company as they were just launching Workfront so I’ve certainly learned a lot the past few years!

Workfront: In two sentences or less, how does your organization use Workfront?

Sarah: We mainly use it for reviewing creative and project management for our marketing and brand teams. We hope to expand our use of the system to other departments in the coming years!

Workfront: What is the Workfront accomplishment you are most proud of?

Sarah: Becoming a certified Workfront Administrator has definitely been a highlight of my career with the tool so far. I learned so much and was so proud to discover I had achieved the certification.

Workfront: How will being Workfront system admin certified change things for you?

Sarah: As the only certified user in the company, it will take my unofficial title of “Workfront Guru” to a more official capacity! I think it will give confidence to users and leadership alike that there is a solid subject matter expert for the tool.

Workfront: If you could time travel and go back to tell your newbie-Workfront self anything, what would it be?

Sarah: Don’t be afraid to ask questions ‚Äì both of my fellow team members and the Workfront community! I self-taught myself a lot in the early days and was afraid I would be an annoyance in the community forums if I asked too many questions, but I should have never had worried. Everyone here is so willing to help!

Workfront: What areas of work management do you consider yourself an expert in?

Sarah: As a reporter, I was a little bit of an expert on everything I covered, and I think that mentality has definitely carried over to my current work – I know just enough about everything to be a little bit of an expert, but I would have to say I probably have the best knowledge in portfolio/project management and reporting. Our teams rely heavily on the portfolio capabilities in the tool to manage all the projects for our various programs, so keeping everything organized has been a large undertaking!


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