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What determines the display order of values from a multi select field in Reporting?


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We have a custom field related to which fiscal year(s) a project will impact. The field is a multi select, checkbox and the choices are in order by year, e.g. FY20, FY21, FY22, etc. When I pull this field into reports the values populate in random orders, I would like them to display in order according to the choice number on the custom form. Is this a setting/preference I need to update?


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Hi Joanna,

Although there might be some unseen sorting behind the scenes, I suspect otherwise, and I am not aware of any such setting.

In theory, it might be possible to create a second calculated parameter that inspects the multi-select using CONTAINS (for example) in The Right Order and thereby returns the selected values in the order you require.

Another approach would be to separate each into its own "single" check box, which (although it takes up a bit more real estate) also has some advantages in that they can be used to easily drive groupings and charts...and for that matter (same coin, flip side) could be recombined (in The Right Order) with a CONCAT formula in a calculated parameter.