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Using your Workfront Data to improve Employee Sati..



Using your Workfront Data to improve Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction has always been a top priority for companies who wish to attract and maintain top talent in the market. It’s been well proven that satisfied employees are more productive, and deliver more than their fair share of contributions to the organization. As a Workfront customer, you have an incredible amount of information at your fingertips to help manage and improve the satisfaction of your employees!

Most of you know how to see your employee’s allocation if you’re using our resource management tools to ensure they are properly resourced to work. However, employee satisfaction is a bit deeper than simply being appropriately resourced.

Don’t try to boil the ocean! Start simple.

Give this a try: In regular 1:1s, create a report to view all tasks completed from the past two weeks and the associated time logged. Discuss:

  • Did your employee spend an inordinate amount of time on some tasks vs others? Is that expected behavior?
    • What can you, as a manager, do to re-allocate their time so that they’re spending the majority of their time on the highest value work? Do you need to increase planned hours for certain tasks to account for the time spent?
  • Did your employee spend any time in the past two weeks on their favorite type of work/projects?
    • Not everyone loves every piece of their job. However, it’s important that the parts they love are well distributed and they’re able to tackle those tasks at a regular cadence.
  • What task in the past two weeks aids in the employee’s professional development?
    • There should be at least one task, project, or opportunity for growth. Maybe it is a slightly more difficult task than typically allocated, or a more cross functional project than the others. Or, perhaps it’s built in time for training or certification!

Want to take it even further? Make sure everyone understands how their work is a meaningful contribution to the overall organization.

If your employees aren’t able to articulate the value of the tasks they’re completing in the larger picture of the organization, they might have a harder time maintaining motivation. I recommend you check out Workfront Goals to see how you can align all work to strategic initiatives in the organization.

I know there are so many different ways to improve Employee Satisfaction. Do you have any suggestions that have worked well for you? If not, what do you wish you knew?


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