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User Task Assignments with Role and Hours Split per Role


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So if a single task is set-up this way... User 1 / Role A / 2 hours User 2 / Role B / 1 hour User 3 / Role C / 10 hours ...the report needs to tease out each user, their role, the hours allotted, and how many hours they've logged against the task so far. Grouped by Project. I started with a Task report, but quickly got bogged-down trying to figure out how to tease-apart these split assignment. We're basically looking to audit all active tasks (across all projects) and make sure: Roles are properly assigned (to make sure project managers properly assigned a person AND a role). Workers are not going over-budget on their planned hours. Could split 1 and 2 into separate reports, if that makes it easier... Kevin Quosig
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