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UGH....why are end users being asked for feedback on Adobe Workfront satisfaction AGAIN ?!?!?!?!


Level 9

We've went through this so.many.times with Workfront in the past. Why are they displaying pop-up feedback prompts for our end users?

I'm super frustrated that an influential leader in our company - who only uses Workfront sporadically and under protest at best - is being greeted by THIS when she logs in.




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Level 10

From what I gather, you have to open a ticket to have your instance removed from the list that get these annoying notices. IMO, it's a symtom of caring more about selling new services than taking care of your existing clients.

While we were getting these "harrasking" notices, all of our folks gave everything the lowest rating, making it pointless.


Level 10

At times I feel like Adobe purchased Workfront to get access to it's customers and to check a checkbox in their suite of options.

Nevermind if they ruin said product, nevermind if Workfront users might not care at all about anything else Adobe offers.

A good hint of this is when they immediately turned the WF Expo into a place to constantly talk about Adobe's other products, but now they even absorbed the WF-specific awards into their larger "Adobe family."

They really are reminding me of the Borg lately…