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Two questions: How have you set up a change log and site map for your use Workfront?\nIf you have multiple system administrators, how have you divided the responsibilities? Who is the ultimate decision-maker?


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Our use of Workfront is expanding significantly (40 planners to 200 planners). I'd like to use a change log more proactively and perhaps maintain a site map. Any recommendations from your owner experience. Right now, our change log is a Project and adding additional tasks, the date the thing happened, and assigning the owner of the change to the task.

No site map to speak of. Is it even necessary with layout templates?

Lastly, we no have 3 people with system administrator access and equal responsibility to maintain the platform, but at different skill levels. How do you organize your WF SA team?


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I can't speak to change logs or site maps, but we have five users with admin access. We are all part-time admins who work on other responsibilities and systems in addition to WF.

  1. Myself: "nuts and bolts" guy, I helped with the original deployment, handle text mode work, tricky reports, putting in tickets with WF Support, request queues, beta participation, community interface, documentation, training videos, WF Proof, permissions, SSO, etc. I would be considered the assistant admin.
  2. My manager: process-level issues, determines what changes we should implement, handles timesheets, roles, anything with money, training users, templates. She is the lead admin and instance owner.
  3. One person who handles account creation, primary contact for tech support/questions, and able to help with some things like templates and custom forms
  4. A finance manager who handles fiscal reporting, auditing, and reconciling.
  5. A reporting/dashboard person who works directly with users to streamline the interface and act on user needs.

We have about 1100 users: about 30 planners, 175 workers and ALOT of requesters and reviewers. This number will go down soon as we are working on a process that will take most of the request process outside of WF.


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Your last sentence is quite intriguing, Kevin - what/why are you doing that?


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To streamline the creative brief submission via account managers. Right now we get too many incomplete and really not-useful briefs and it leads to false impression of "when the project starts" when we spend so much time after submission with clarifying.

Instead, clarifying and scoping can happen with a small number of knowledgable experts who then submit requests for work.

It will be faster, less frustrating, and have loads more clarity for requesters and planners alike.