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To create PTO Timesheet Approval Process


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Looking for recommendation.

As we discussed earlier today, here is my question about the approval process functionalities of Workfront:

1) Option 1:

For PTO requests, mainly planned holiday and sick/special leave in the cases that the requestor is able to submit the request in advance: Is it possible to have the following 2 steps of approval, as follows:

Step 1: Approval of the project manager/s of the project/s that the requestor is planned on for the period of the requested leave?

In most of the cases, one person is working on more than one projects at one time. It means that after the request submission, a notification and request for approval should be received by all the concerned PMs. After all approvals have been obtained, the approval process moves to the second step which is

Step 2: Approval by the direct manager of the requestor. After this approval is also obtained the request is considered as an approved one and its status is automatically changed to “approved”.

If some of the PMs reject the request, it means that the whole request is with status “rejected”.

2) Option 3:

For timesheets, is there a possibility for 3 steps of approval, as follows:

Step 1: Line approval by PM - each of the project lines in the timesheet (most of the time there is more than one project (also customer projects) that a person registers time on) to go for approval to the Project manager of the project and after all the approvals have been obtained, the process moves to the next step which is

Step 2: Timesheet approval by direct manager – the whole timesheet goes for approval to the direct manager of the reporter.

Step 3: After approved, the timesheet status is automatically changed to “approved”.

*It is very important to be sure that in case of one rejected or not approved line in a timesheet, in the raw data reports, the rest of the approved lines will appear as actual hours tracked on projects.

Best regards,

Kundan Kumar.


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