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Tasks on Kanban Board


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I remember reading somewhere that only tasks from projects that are current will be pulled into the Kanban board. However I do not seem to find that anywhere on the documentation now. The only place I see it mentioned is in this post in the discussion forum. We have a Kanban board where that is the case - only tasks from current projects, however, I am in the process of setting up a team with Kanban board and tasks from projects in "New" status show up on the Kanban board. How do we stop this from happening? Is there a way to configure the Kanban board to not show there and restrict it to "Current" projects only?


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Hi - what does your New status equate to? You can find this in Setup > Project Preferences > Statuses

Since it is a custom status (the out-of-the-box one is called Planning), I'm wondering if your New status equates to Current.

Also, here is the documentation (first light blue NOTE box): https://one.workfront.com/s/document-item?bundleId=the-new-workfront-experience&topicId=Content%2FAg...