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Tasks assigned to multiple people to show up on both of their task reports


Level 6

I have a project where every task is assigned to 2 different people as they both need to complete it. I have task reports for each of the users but the list of tasks only shows on one of their reports. (Assuming because her name is first in the alphabet) I have the same settings on both reports. Any way to get this to show up on both reports?

*this sounded familiar like I had read about in in this blog before BUT I searched and could not find it.


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Level 8

Hi Tracy! I've had the same issue in the past. If you create an Assignment report instead of a Task report, the task will show up on the report for both users.



Hi Tracy,

Assigned To means Workfront is looking at the owner.

Assignment Users means Workfront is looking at all assigned users.

Try adding that instead of Assigned To. =)


Level 6

Thank you, that made it show up on all of their task reports, but it there a filter to make it not show if their part is done?

If not, I will rebuild the report as a task report.




I don't believe so, only a column for Assignments & Status.


Level 1

Dustin- can you double check? The data must exist in WF somewhere since it falls off the persons' work list. I am trying to create the same report. Thanks!




We use a status called "doneStatuses" to be able to do that internally.. I'm not an API expert, more a support expert.. our consulting team would be better able to help with a question like this.

That said, here's a link to show the metadata available for an object (task in this case):


Replace "domain" with your domain.

And if you want to see metadata on other objects, replace "task" with the object you want, such as "PROJ" for projects.

You can find out what object data is by visiting our API Explorer here:


Best of luck!