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Support for changing ownership of different WF elements


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We request your support to provide them with a solution if it exists and / or consider it in their improvement developments for the system, how to change the property of elements such as fields, custom forms, reports, dashboards among other elements which are born and die with the owner. original without being able to reassign it.

In particular, there are a certain amount of users that for different reasons are activated and deactivated, leaving some elements in the conditions described above.

We have a specific case where a board of directors presented results and when presenting the corresponding board, the included reports presented an error (I attach the screen) derived from the fact that the user is deactivated, the solution that was given at the moment was to reactivate the user with the risk involved.

Please support us with this request.

Thanks in advanced


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I haven't tried this, so not certain it works. But for a report with a deactived owner, could you change the report to "Run with the access rights of" someone who is an active user.


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Hi - As Heather mentioned, you can just change the report settings to a new person. You can also run a Report report and filter on the ID of the person who left to see which reports were running with that person's access.

Another thought... like I just left my old company and what we did is just change my account to the new person. (SIDE NOTE: Now this worked because the new person didn't have anything in our instance.). We just change the name, email, and (in our case) the finance system ID number for integrations with our financial system. So she became me. This saved any calendars I created in my 7 years and any reports that were running with my permissions.

But again, this only worked because she was new. If she had her own account prior, she would have lost access to all of her own stuff.