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Subscribing to a project


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Apologies if this is common knowledge or has already been answered. I manually subscribe all parties on a project when I open it. 1) why aren't they automatically subscribed? 2) Each task need yet another round of subscriptions. Why cannot all parties on the project receive notifications no matter where they are. I am finding out that a worker left an update but no one saw it bc they are subscribed. It seems unreasonable to be to subscribe everyone on each and every task. Please help.

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Hi Heidi,

Users are not automatically subscribed to work objects in the system by design, this is so that users are not overwhelmed with notifications that they don't necessarily want to see. If Workfront subscribed the entire project team to all notifications on all tasks / issues / project updates, peoples inboxes could become flooded with notifications that aren't always relevant to them.

If a user has a particular interest in a work object in the system they have the ability to subscribe themselves, or if someone wants to ensure that another user gets a notification they should tag that user in to the update. This is the best practice in my experience.

One setting that you could enable (if you haven't already) is the 'Someone comments on one of my work items' notification setting on a users profile. Having this enabled will ensure that the user receives all updates on tasks / issues that they are assigned to.

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I get that, I just wish it was an "opt-out" instead of "opt-in". We are missing updates bc a worker will leave a comment and no one receives it.


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I don't know if your company has Fusion but as a work around I have added some user typeahead fields to the custom forms and when the form is submitted Fusion will tag the users in an update with notify enabled.

New fields

  1. Stakeholder - Primary
  2. Stakeholder - Secondary

It does not "subscribe" them but it will send them an email that they have been added to the request/issue and they can themselves subscribe if they want to.

If interested, I can share some details on the Fusion scenario and custom fields.