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Retrieve the value of a custom form field


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I have a task, and there is a custom form attached to that task. Now, I want to retrieve the value set for a field in the custom form. I have the task ID, category ID, and the field name. Could you please provide me with the API endpoint?

Thanks in advance

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Hi vevommi,


If you're form field is in the custom form attached to the Task, you should be able to find it in the Column (view) options. You will need to know the Field Name in order to select the right one. There's no API since you created this field in a custom form. 


See screen grab below for example. 


Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 15.40.29.png


Hopefully this was helpful.




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to retrieve the value of a custom field using the API, you need to use the following GET call:


API_URL + 'task/' + taskID + '?fields=DE:<fieldName>';


Assuming the field name is alreadyBriefed, the response will look something like this:


  "data": {
    "ID": "6414xxx000205e3c363d28953f93xxxx",
    "name": "Online Banner",
    "objCode": "TASK",
    "DE:alreadyBriefed": "no"