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Resource Planning Available Hours Issue


Level 4
Good Morning! We have been trying to wrap our heads around the new resource planning tools and we have an issue that we are unable to find any reasoning behind. In the below screenshot, we are unable to determine why the available hours for the Admissions - CRM project is showing 204.46. We have tried reprioritizing the projects to no avail. Not sure how to explain 12 hours are being added, in this case to the Admissions-CRM project? Any ideas why this is occurring? Thanks! Sana Perry National Heritage Academies, Inc.
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Level 10
Hi Sana, 204.46 is the sum of the available hours for all resources with that Role who are in the resource pool/s which is associated with that project. Not sure what you mean about the 12 hours being added? I can see 112 budgeted hours on this project, so presumably you assigned these hours via the resource planner somehow. I'm still trying to get my head around the planner in general though! The main thing I need to work out is whether the administrative overhead of using it is worth the effort - especially when the act of assigning budgeted hours doesn't seem to have any flow-through effect on the assigning of the resources to tasks. If the act of budgeting hours on a task meant that it became available for resourcing, then that would make sense and add value from a workflow point of view. I know that work is still under way to further enhance the planner and make it easier to use, so hopefully it gets to the point where we can start using it soon! Regards, David Cornwell