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Request PDF Summary Fusion Module Help


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I am trying to figure out how to use the Workfront proof fusion module called 'Request PDF Summary'. My hope is that this module returns information relating to the 'Print summary' part of the proofing tool where comments on the proof are summarised and it's possible to print / export from this page, however i can't seem to get the 'callback URL' part of the field in the right format and i wondered if anyone had any experience of using this, and if it will actually produce the output i'm after if i can get it working?


According to the documentation on experience league the callback URL should be "where you want the pdf summary sent" but there's no example of what that might look like. I've also looked in the proofHQ api a the requestPDFPrintSummary() item and tried to reconstruct the callback from the xml in their example but i always end up with a 500 error.


any help would be appreciated!


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Did you ever figure this out? I am attempting the same scenario in Fusion and I am stuck with the callback URL.


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Hi there,


Unfortunately no. We attempted several workarounds but didn't have any success. I'm on a different client now but if the same problem presents itself in the future and we find a way around it i'll post another reply in here!


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The module doesn't send you the PDF itself, it only creates a URL that you can navigate to in order to download the file. So the endpoint is wherever you want to receive that URL. You can start a new Scenario with an API Webhook module and use the Webhook location as the URL endpoint. When that module gets the webhook you will need to feed the output through a parse XML module to resolve the URL and then pass it to a "Get File" module to do the actual download. 




In my case the system requires a username and password before downloading the file so I also have to do the custom Proof API call "doLogin()" to get a session ID and then pass that as part of the get a file module. The format of the get a file call in that case is "{{8.callback.pdf_url[]}}?sid={{34.body.data.session}}". Where module 8 is the output of the interpreter and 34 is the output of the dologin().