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Request Entry Date


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From a project level form I need the date a request is created to use in my wait time calculated field.  I see others have used convertedOpTaskEntryDate but isn't this the date a request is converted into a project not the date the request was created?  I'ved looked in the API Explorer and it shows entry date for issue but can't get the syntax right.  



Thanks in advance!!

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@FrankatMSC The field for convertedOpTask:entryDate would refer to the date in which the request was entered into Workfront, so you should be able to use that in your calculated field. If you want to share your calculation, since you mentioned it's not working, I can try and help! 


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@NicholeVargas Thanks for responding.  This is the formula I've been using and it works fine.

IF(ISBLANK({programID}),ROUND(DATEDIFF({actualStartDate},{convertedOpTaskEntryDate}),0),ROUND(DATEDIFF({actualStartDate},{convertedOpTaskEntryDate}),0)).  The If statement is because we originally thought we wanted different wait times for campaign tactic and stand alone projects.  Then we decided not right now.  But I wanted to leave the functionality in, in case my team changes their minds.   When I first created the custom field we wanted the date the request was converted into a project.  Now we want to change it to the date the request is created.  When I asked Workfront Tech support I was told.

"Thank you, Frank! Looking into this, I've found that "convertedOpTask" is a dynamic table and cannot be used in a calculated field. However, you can work around this by creating an issue-level field that references the entry date and then pulling that into your project-level calculated field.

Let us know if you have any questions!"




So now it looks like my formulas is correct for how we now want to calculate wait time?  IE starting from the date a request is created.  What would be the variasble to capture the date a Request is converted into a project then?


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@FrankatMSC Based on what you shared above, I created a project custom form and added two different calculated fields:

1. Converted Issue Entry Date (convertedOpTaskEntryDate)

2. # of Days Between Issue Entry Date and Project Actual Start Date, using your calculation from above

I then added this custom form to a project and it's working as expected, so I'm not totally sure why Customer Support mentioned you couldn't use convertedOpTaskEntryDate in a calculated field, because it works.. I even added a third column to the project report with text mode for convertedOpTask:entryDate to make sure it was correct.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 3.28.36 PM.png

With that being said, your calculation is correct for how to capture wait time. If you wanted to calculate the number of days between the date in which a request was converted to a project and the actual completion date of the project, you would swap out convertedOpTaskEntryDate with entryDate since this form is already associated with projects.

Calculated Field = IF(ISBLANK({programID}),ROUND(DATEDIFF({actualStartDate},{entryDate}),0),ROUND(DATEDIFF({actualStartDate},{entryDate}),0))


Hope that helps to clarify things!