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Report Sending



Hi All,

We have a few task reports that we send out weekly to one of our groups with all late tasks of a certain type. Users are complaining because they have to open the report and search for their name to see if they are on the 'naughty' list. I first thought that I could replace this with a logged in user report so they would get an e-mail that said 'There are no results for this report based on the filtering applied. Therefore, no file is attached' if they didn't have any tasks listed on the report, but then remembered that the report sending requires to be sent with the access rights of a certain user.

Other than making individual reports for everyone in this group, does anyone have any workarounds for this?



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I'm hoping to see a clever answer as well…because as of now, my answer would be "make them use a dashboard."

(We used layout templates to force the first thing a user sees to whatever most important list we want them to. In the case of Workers, it's an assigned tasks list with highlights for overdue and "about to be overdue".)


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So we do a kind of combination of yours and Kevin's approach. The report that is actually emailed is for the whole department (I love me a good shame email 😉 ), but in that report we have a custom message that says something like "If you'd like to see just your projects that are out of compliance, please visit..." and then re have a link to another report that uses the wildcard $$USER.ID.

So if they are a manager (or nosy), they can open the PDF and see everyone in trouble, or they can click the link and see just their projects.

If you have the ability to vote in the Innovation Lab, I highly recommend upvoting this one: https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PSLxAAO/detail 😎