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Report issues from one queue in a separate project


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I'm looking at putting together a RACI chart (saved as issues/requests on a project). 

What I've done thus far:

1) Created a custom form for the four RACI fields.

2) Created a project with a few placeholder issues and completed the RACI fields (for testing purposes)

3) Built an issue report that's filtered on "Project Name = RACI Project"

4) Added that report to a dashboard

5) Added the dashboard to project views via layout template


Here's the problem, despite the report having a "Project Name = RACI Project" filter, when embedded in a project, it's looking for that projects issues ONLY.


How can that report to ALWAYS look at the RACI project and not the project it's embedded on? Is that even possible?


I know I can use my custom form on the tasks within each project, but I'm not at the point yet with templates and governance, so I want the generic chart (that only I can update) easily accessible within a project view.


I've essentially tricked the system by adding an "external" link to the RACI report in the dashboard, but that's not visually appealing...........but will work if there is no other way.

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Hi Mark,


It looks like you've explored all possible avenues.


As you've already seen, when you place a dashboard as a custom tab on a project, the filters in that dashboard default to the project it is being viewed on. This is by design and as far as I'm aware, there is no way to overrule this other than embedding the report as an iframe using the external link, like you have already done.


The only alternative would be to pin the RACI dashboard to the top of the UI, instead of in the project view to avoid any localised project filter rules being automatically applied. 


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Thanks Richard,

I was fearful this would be the response, but wanted to pose the question to see if I missed something somewhere.