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Referencing the same field in a report filter AND statement


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I find myself a bit stuck as essentially i want to achieve the following:

A filter on a task report that shows me only the tasks that have a custom form attached (Category ID is not null) and also the task does not contain a particular form (Category ID not equal to <GUID Of Custom Form>).

Just wondering how to achieve this. I can obviously use the same field if using the OR statement but that would not work as i would get all tasks where there is no form attached.......

Thanks in advance


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Hi Jonathan,

I suggest you use the technique I devised in Tunnel Of Death: How To Find A Form With Two Specific Custom Forms On It.

I also recall seeing a way to do this with an EXISTS and a NOTEXISTS on the categories collection (vs the categoryID).



Hi Doug

Thanks for the advice. I will give this a go. I have done a few things with objectCategories via the API in the past so i see where you are coming from here.

I will update this thread when i have given this a go!


Just an quick update.

I think this is simpler that i thought it was going to be as i can just use the following:





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So glad you reposted this, Doug! I had it bookmarked in the previous community and lost it (and all my other bookmarked goodies) during the switch. 😥