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Rate the service you just received


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Does anyone know if there is a way to create some kind of "rate the service you just received" functionality in Workfront? I know the functionality doesn't exist in Workfront itself, but has anyone used something like this to bench line their customer service levels for things like help desk requests? (something similar to the email we get from Workfront customer support after a ticket as been resolved/closed and their asking us for a rating)


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Similar I think... We're thinking about adding a 'project review' custom form where the design agency is rated. It would be a custom form within the last task. It would be a short custom form of a couple questions. I may not be explaining that well though.


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Hi Cheryl, I totally understand! Ideally, this would be an email that gets sent to the requester once their Help Desk request is resolved. Similar to the one that we received from Workfront after our support ticket is resolved. If I had to guess, Workfront uses some kind of integration for this and it's probably connected to Salesforce but I could be wrong. I think for now, we will just send out a survey manually to our requesters.

Thank you for taking the time to respond!


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Have you looked into setting up reminder notifications and an email template that would include a link to your survey site?


We looked into creating a project reminder notificaiton to be sent after the project's actual completion date with this method, but ran into a couple road blocks

  1. not all of our projects are totally complete after the project deliverable is complete, sometimes there are a few later tasks that happen days or weeks after. so the project doesn't close out right away
  2. recipient options don't include project sponsor, who we'd want to fill out a survey on our projects. For an issue reminder notification, we could send the email to whoever entered the issue, but again because of #1 above, the issues doesn't close out immediately after the deliverable is provided either.

What we're now doing is pulling a report from WF based on the completion of a task that indicates the deliverable is complete even if all other tasks aren't complete. That report gives us the project sponsor's email address (who the survey should be sent to), plus the project ID and the actual completion date of that deliverable task (this last piece is important later)

Then we upload that report information to a survey tool that uses the project sponsor's email to send the survey to, plus includes the project ID and the task completion date as blind questions on the survey, so the person filling out the survey doesn't actually see that information, but we're able to then pull it back out of the survey tool later.

Then we kick-start the survey responses back into each project in Workfront. The kick-start creates a new task on the existing project, with a custom form attached to house the survey answers.

This is where the actual completion date from the deliverable task becomes important. We use that actual completion date as the actual completion of the new task - when we tried leaving the actual completion date of this new task blank, it defaulted to whatever day/time we imported the kick-start, which if the entire project was already complete, then moved the actual completion date of the project out to that date, skewing our project completion data -- luckily we tested this on a couple test projects that we have instead of using real projects.


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Hi, Sydney, we have recently completed an integration with Survey Monkey and MailChimp for exactly this purpose. When a request or project is closed, an email goes out wit a link to a survey in Survey Monkey. The Survey Monkey responses are collected in custom forms in Workfront and displayed in several reports on a dashboard. It is pretty amazing! Sogeti did the integration for us.

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