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Project Report based on Other Teams List


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I'm trying to make a project report but filter to users within a specific team. The assignments aren't team assignments and the team is not the user's home team but in their other teams list. Any ideas? I feel like this might need to be an EXISTS report, but none of the connections I've tried seem to be working. Anyone have any ideas? And this has to be a project report; an assignment report grouped by project would be too much data to sift through.


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We need an EXIST that skips to levels. I can get it to the user object type (Project -> Project User -> User), but we need it to Teams (Project -> Project User -> User -> Team).

@Jason Webre‚ - Have you figured out how to skip two levels on an EXIST filter?

Can get this to work:




But really want the condition to be something like


I tried jumping straight to USER but then what on the User profile ties it back to the project ID?


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It makes me feel better that both of you are struggling with this one as well. I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying ideas and couldn't find a way to connect project user to user's teams. I would settle for home team but I don't think there's a way to connect that either.

@Anthony Messam‚ - Do you have any ideas??


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Hey Monique - if you just want home team would this work?



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I've come up with two examples of code that don't cause a "Whoops" error, which is usually a good sign when using EXISTS, but they also don't return any results. I think the problem is the second line in each example. It seems that linking based on a field in a collection (project users) of the originating object (project) just doesn't work. I can't think of any way to write this without having to rely on the Project Users collection.

In case anyone is curious and wants to see if they can wrestle with it and get it to work, here's my code:

Example 1: linking directly to the User table




Example 2: linking to the Team Member table





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Thanks everyone!! This just gave me an idea that I'm going to try a little late when my brain is more awake. 😁

I just remembered we have a user custom form that I could try to use and make this one jump instead of two. I'm hoping it will allow me to make the jump from "project assigned to user" to "user custom field" by way of user ID.