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Post-implement KPIs and Reports for NWE Launch


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Hey everyone,

We pulled the trigger on the NWE for our userbase last week, and have been looking for ways to track user activity and measure how successful the launch has been (yes, we're a bit behind on that, and without historical data it will be a little tough, but we need to at least start!). I'm curious what sorts of metrics you all tracked when making the switch to the NWE, or indeed even just for day to day user activity/system health tracking. Have you found ways to follow user behavior (e.g. heatmapping plugins perhaps) and see where users might be straying or jumping from the process? What about tracking of historical info (like tracking userbase growth month-to-month). We took a long look at the Analytics piece in Workfront, but it's a little vague and doesn't really display enough information at once to be useful (tracking individual team activity or handfuls of teams at a time is a little rough).

A lot of questions, but I look forward to the discussion!


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Maybe the Workfront Usage Dashboard would be useful? I installed it after we implemented a couple years back and got some good metrics from it.


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Thank you, Sheri! I just downloaded and installed this, and will be checking out the results. So far, it seems the NWE implementation hasn't negatively impacted user activity, so that's encouraging!