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Portfolio - Templates? How do I make sure that a custom form is always attached to a new Portfolio


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I have created a custom form that I want to be used across all portfolios (just additional information we need). When creating the portfolio, I know how to add the custom form, but is there a way to make sure that custom form is alway part of the portfolio creation? If the user needs to add it each time, I don't think it will happen, and some of the fields are mandatory, so I want to make sure they are being filled out.

With projects, this is solved by using templates, but there does not seem to be an equivalent for Portfolios.


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Thats a good question, not seen til yet. Good if this could be one of that.

@Kris Murphy‚




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That is a great question. Right now, as the admin, I manually create all of the portfolios for that exact reason. I know that if I let the users create their own portfolios, they will not add the custom form.


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If you use Fusion you can easily build a FLO to check for this, you can also use the API or be very basic and create a portfolio report that checks if a certain custom form (called category) is attached. Then send daily and create a rule in your mail program to move mails with that subject and no attachement directly to the bin. What is left is what you should be concerned about :-)


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Thanks Chris. I was looking for a way to not have to check for something that is missing, rather have it be required. All projects we set up come from templates, so it is easy to make sure the custom fields are included, with certain fields being required. Looks like I will just have to set up a report and check for it.