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Populating a Calendar from Info in Proof HQ


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I am wanting to create a calendar for my team that displays their upcoming travel dates. I want the calendar to display the trip as yellow (pending approval) and then automatically flip to green when the trip is approved. Currently, my team will create a travel request as an issue through a request queue. There is a custom form attached when creating that issue which includes all of the necessary information for the trip (i.e., location, departure and return dates, etc.). I have been able to successfully populate a calendar based on the information in that custom form for each trip request.


My roadblock is that all trip approvals are done in a Proof of a document attached to the trip request issue. Our leadership is familiar with Proofs and they are able to leave comments, so it would be preferred to keep trip approvals in Proof HQ if possible. But when the trip gets approved in Proof HQ, I don't know of a way to tell the calendar to flip the status of the trip from pending approval to approved (yellow to green on the calendar). Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Interesting scenario/requirements. I am not aware of anything allowing you to reference a Proof to pull into a calendar, you can only pull tasks/projects/time off/requests I believe. Couple thoughts if you're able to get away from having the time off in a Proof:
1. Have a request queue for submitting time off with issue approvals or routing rules attached for the request to go to specified user(s) in your queue
2. Have your calendar populate those requests/issues based on issue status. If it is pending approval, have it yellow. If the status is approved, have it green (you can set these in your calendar settings).

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