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Pinned names changing


Level 6

Is anyone else experiencing the names of their pins changing to what type of object they are? For example I have a report of my tasks but it keeps changing to just say Reporting. Or I have a project pinned and instead of the project name it just says project. Once I click on them the correct name repopulates but it gets frustrating when you have a few of the same object type and have to keep clicking on them to figure out which one it is. Even if you hover it still only says project. See pic below. I thought maybe it was just a glitch and tried to deal with it, but it has been a couple of weeks now.



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Level 2

I have had the same problem. It confused me a lot at first because I didn't know if I had accidentally deleted the report from my pinned pages!



Hmmm... If both of you are experiencing this, I'd suggest submitting a support ticket (if you haven't already!)


Community Advisor

YES! I've been randomly experiencing that. I was watching for it yesterday so I could grab a screenshot and submit a ticket, but didn't see it again and wondered if it had been fixed. But I'm seeing it again this morning for a report so I'll be submitting a ticket. I've seen it for projects and teams as well.