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Outage Message in Workfront?


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Our help desk manager just came to me with this question below. Does anyone know if this is a feature in Workfront currently? I don't think it is, but figured I'd ask here to see if anyone has come up with anything in their instance?

  • "If we have an outage where all Microsoft access is down (Teams, Outlook, etc.), is there a way to inform the user base through WF that we have a major outage? Perhaps a banner in WF to announce the issue? We used to have this ability in my last job with the Help Desk suite we used."

I know there's the announcement area, but the visibility isn't great. I'm thinking of some type of message on the login screen or near the top nav bar somewhere upon log in. (something like in preview where there's a link to the latest release notes at the top of the screen)

Just curious to know if anyone has created something like this in their instance?



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Hi Sydney,

When executing our Workfront Merge/Split service, we go under Setup > System > Branding > Login Screen > Background and upload a graphic with text that informs folks that we are performing maintenance (for the "Target" Workfront domain) and to not log in (for the "Source"), which works well as it catches folks at the front door.

Unless you have SSO, which bypasses the login page.

Hmm. Or Workfront goes down unexpectedly...

Inviting your users to check https://status.workfront.com/ might be your best bet.



Also at best this only catches them once a day, so if the outage happens mid-day then they won't know until the daily token has expired or if they log-out and log back in for some reason.

Though I do like the idea in general…we've used similar trick on our DAM from time to time.