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Opening a report in edit mode


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Hey gang - does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut that when you click on a report, it will open it in edit mode? Sometimes when I cmd+right click, it will open the report in another window, and already opened and ready to edit, and that is really helpful. But cmd+right click does not always open it in edit, and I can't get it to replicate any other way. Maybe someone else has already figured this out and can share? Thanks!

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Workfront’s current functionality is that if you “leave” a report while you’re editing (ie close that browser tab) it remembers you were editing and opens it in edit mode for you. I guess if you want this to happen all the time you would always just leave your reports (“apply”, then close the browser rather than “save and close”).

You could also try creating a report view that has a column containing the edit link for each report.