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Objects Pending Approval appear editable in New Experience


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Looking for the community's opinion on this before I submit something to the idea exchange...

In Classic, when an object was pending approval the "Edit Custom Forms" link did not appear.

In the New Experience, when an object is pending approval, the edit pencil is available and when you click it all fields open up for editing. Even those fields that can't be edited while an approval is pending. You can make all kinds of changes, but when you click Save, you get the error "An issue with a 'Pending Approval' status cannot be edited. You can modify the issue by changing the status."

If you've made extensive changes, that's a real soul-crusher for the experienced Workfront-er who knows they should have checked the status first. But for the in-experienced or less frequent user, it's confusing and a generally bad experience.

I'm told this is considered to be working as designed because there are certain fields on the object that can be edited while pending approval, so the entire page goes into edit mode, including the custom forms.

I feel like this should be a fix to return functionality, not an enhancement idea... Thoughts...?


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Hi Heather - I agree that this should be a fix and the custom form should not be editable during the approval process. If the information can change and the information that is being approved is on the custom form, the approvers could be all be approving something different. I didn't even notice this - thank you for pointing it out!


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Hi Sarah, actually the form can't be changed - it won't let the user Save - so no worries there on approvers looking at different things.

But the user can waste time entering a bunch of changes only to find out once they are done that those changes can't be saved.


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Oh good to know! But yes, that could be a waste of time..


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Hi Heather,

If the NWE intention is “parity or better than classic”, I agree that this particular feature needs more time in the oven. Removing the pencil would give parity. Turning on only fields eligible for editing while Pending Approval would be better than classic.