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new commit date requests


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This was found in the post webinar questions and I am wondering if WF or another client can help me find the alternative please. 

Q: With the new commenting experience, I noticed that the ability for the users to provide a new commit date is no longer there. Is there another way for a user to provide that, or will the functionality be added back at some point to the experience?


We will have challenges with this new change "We don’t plan on bringing back the ability to perform these actions, since those are available from the header and the object’s Details areas. We do understand that we are asking you to change the pattern of using the commenting stream, but we are doing this to keep the commenting experience for its direct purpose of communication and collaboration." We do not want our resources to change dates on their tasks. Only the Project Owner should change the date since we use the resource planning feature of workfront. I am working with WF helpdesk and they aren't able to show me how a resource can request a date change in the new view or where else they could do this. Please help

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I submitted a video to Workfront showing that users now have to click into task details to commit to a new date via the 'commit date' field INSTEAD of being able to do this by adding a new comment. In addition, even if a user does this and commits to a new date, the ability for a project owner to accept the new date no longer exists. I am so bummed by Workfront's response below and am shocked they didn't account for this before rolling out new commenting, especially because I gave this feedback multiple times that committing to a new date is critical.


After investigation, Our development team does recognize that there is indeed an issue here that they need to review in more detail. However, because of the time and effort it will take to build out the improvement, the work for this fix has been converted into a story, which is not something we can keep a support case open for. Stories are work items that are added to the team’s backlog and worked on over a period of time. There are no ETAs given on story work due to this.

I have given the following direction to our team as a workaround: If a team member needs to commit to a new date/an extension, they should tag the project manager in an update on that task stating the new due date they would like, then the PM needs to change the planned completion date of that task.