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Need help smoothing out a text mode report of projects that have not had any issues added within the last week.


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Background: My management team has weekly meetings to evaluate all of the projects we have in Current. It's the responsibility of the Project Owners to go into their project and add an Issue (which I've set up with a queue topic) to record a weekly Status Update.

Problem: I've created a report that shows all of the Status Updates made for each project in Current, within the last week. Now, I'm trying to create the opposite of that - a list of projects that have not had a Status Update (issue from queue topic) within the last week. The first report works well, but there's no easy way to tell what projects haven't added an issue. I have this code to add to a Project report but it doesn't seem to be working and I'd love some help:







EXISTS:A:queueTopic:name=Status Updates

There are lines I will be adding to this, but only to narrow down Company and Portfolio.

Thanks in advance!!


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Hi Sarah, First, since it’s a planned activity that someone add a weekly status update to the project, I suggest you have a task assigned to the person for each week they’re expected to do this until the completion of the project. Anything short of this will leave you with an incomplete picture of who is supposed to do the work and whether or not it was actually completed in the end. Second, I suggest you post the weekly status updates as a note to the task. This will give you the ability to output you need in reporting to identify complete/incomplete tasks for the given timeframe. If you configure the workflow to match the human story, you’ll get all the reporting you need with ease. At Truist, we’ve come to learn that incorrect use of issues to capture work is always a mistake, and that they should always be resolved by another project/task/issue in the system if work was actually performed. I’ll have much more to share on best practices when I present the Truist Workfront Center of Excellence to the community in due time. Thanks, Narayan (Truist)


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Thanks for the tips, @NRYN R - inactive‚! I'll keep these in mind moving forward.


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I would leave out that last line in the exists code, Sarah... or add a modifier to it (depending on what you want to do?).

Guessing at what you want to do: leave it out of exists, and put it in the regular filter code with company and portfolio.

i.e. regular reporting code which can be done in standard mode: you're filtering for projects from a specific company and portfolio with a queue topic name containing the text "status update". Then switch to text mode, and plug in your amended exists statement (which seems to work, by the way -- I plugged it into my sandbox minus the queue topic line and it pulled up what I was expecting)