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Morning. There are frustrations that 'Workfront' keeps going back a page when either in updates or proofing. I have searched for key shortcuts and there is nothing. I feel it would be Google Chrome short cut. Has anyone come across this? Thank you


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Comments from team : 'I've spent 15+ minutes trying to add one comment onto an ME email proof before now, with it constantly going back a page and booting me out.'

'Does anyone else have a WF quirk when typing a message and certain letters or buttons takes you (involuntarily) back a page?'

We are on the New Experience, but the team felt it happened both on Classic and now on the New Experience. We use Google Chrome.

Thank You

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Hi Emma, you mentioned everyone is in Chrome - maybe one of your users could try another browser to see if it happens in there too? It might also be worthwhile to have them clear their cache in Chrome in case some old code is causing the issue. Those are usually my first go-to tests to try to figure out what might be going on. Support may have some ideas to help you troubleshoot, too!