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Link in Proof Not Behaving Properly


Level 8
We have a couple of Word documents that have a link in them that when selected should open an existing telepresence web page (8170000000@gmfinancial.com). However, when the files are uploaded to Workfront, the links are being changed to a "mail to" and when selected they open a new email draft window. I've submitted a ticket to the Help Desk and was told that because the video/telepresence page isn't accessible on their end, and the system is recognizing it as an email due to the @gmfinancial domain. To fix this, it was recommended to have the address of the video changed to an address that could be accessible through a browser. Unfortunately, this is not an option. Has anyone else had an issue with this type of behavior problem? Were you able to find a solution? Thanks!

Wendy White Project Administration Manager GM Financial
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Level 10
is there some way to trick the system? Like by putting http in front of it? https:// 8170000000 @ gmfinancial.com ? -skye