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LEAP Session Q&A for TECHNICAL: API Fundamentals: Using the Workfront API to Enhance Business Applications


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This year, I did a session on Workfront's API that dealt with Tip, Tricks, and use cases for Signant Health. I have already received feedback from people saying that the session was a great help. I hope you all enjoyed the content. If you haven't seen the session yet, here is the link to my session.


I covered the Workfront API and the Event Subscription API. I talked about formatting of JSON requests, multiple ways to authenticate, limitations of Event Subscriptions and the Workfront API. I am here to answer any questions anyone may have about my session or anything regarding the Event Subscription API or Workfront API. If you have certain scenarios regarding either API that you just can't figure out the solution to and want to bounce it off of another experienced developer, please reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Holy cow, Jeremy! You are such a talented developer and it's impressive how you've really delved so deeply into the possibilities of the API.

I have a couple of questions for you about your session.

1) How did you get so many of your employees to use Workfront on a daily basis? Is it because you've done such a great integration with the API to other critical systems so it makes sense for them to log in to Workfront?

2) It sounded like you have an integration from Salesforce and NetSuite to Workfront... what type of information do you send between those systems? Just trying to understand the use case a little more.

I really am so impressed with how well you explained everything about the API!

Thank you for being open to questions!


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Workfront is our project management system. So when we went live with it, adoption wasn't an issue as it was a mandatory tool for our project teams. We are in a continuous improvement stage where we have change management in a business eco system. So the systems are always changing for the better. Integration has only pushed for a greater demand for more integration.

We do have a basic integration with Salesforce. That integration is using kick start uploads currently, but there are plans to use an IPaaS system in the future. The information we currently send between Salesforce and Workfront is future pipeline information. This way, we can plan for future projects accordingly and make sure we have the resources available.

Thank you for your questions!


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I am aware of the fact, that this post is a bit older, but I wanted to ask, if it is somehow possible to watch the session somewhere.


Thanks in advance.