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Kanban Functionality to Migrate from JIRA


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I am trying to look at the functionality we have for Kanban in Workfront. We are planning to migrate JIRA Kanban into Workfront and we noticed that a few functionalities are missing. Does anyone have any recommendations on the alternatives we can use to replace the missing functionalities?


  1. Are we able to set card types for Kanban? I know we can use tags inside the boards. However, is there any other way to set Kanban card types? In JIRA, we have card types, for example, task, bug, and story. We would like to use card types in Workfront and use tags for other purposes.
  2. Are we able to customize our custom fields inside the board so that it will be based on the card types we choose for a card? We will need each card type to show different fields. For example, the Story card type will show descriptions and priority fields while we don’t need the other card types to show those fields.
  3. Are we able to set up dependencies between cards? The dependencies will work like dependent tasks inside Workfront project to show the list of dependent cards for a particular card. We should not be able to set the card to completed if the dependencies are not completed yet.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you!





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From my experience with boards:

1. if you want to use tags for other purposes than options are limited, one quite obvious is card name, e.g.

STORY: this is card name

2. this is definitely not possible and I don't have a good workaround to offer. I would just go with mix of the most relevant custom fields for all relevant card types

3. no dependencies strictly speaking, only some out of the box automations are available and furthermore if cards are connected with WF items than potentially you could explore Fusion to see how cards/objects could get connected.

good luck!