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Is your Workfront environment slow?


Level 7
Many of our users have raised to us that Workfront is now constantly a lot slower than it used to be. We have checked our all servers and speeds etc internally and there are no problems there. We have had a ticket open with WF for months and don't seem to be getting anywhere as we are the only customer in our cluster that has reported this and they cannot replicate the same issues. Some examples of slowness is taking around 3 minutes to delete a project, sometimes up to 20 minutes for a page to show that a template has been added into a project. These aren't always big projects that people are working in but we are starting to lose face with the business as we can't seem to improve this from them. We are in Cluster 4 , is anyone experiencing any similar issues? Vicky Fitzgerald Telegraph Media Group Limited
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Level 10
Hi Vicky, On the whole, no, I don't think I'd say we're experiencing those signifcant performance issues. The only case I consistently experience is if I'm copying/deleting a large number of tasks (1000-2000). Usually once it gets into that range I will end up with an red workfront error message (gateway timeout). This means that the WF web server has timed out whilst waiting on the database to finish processing. The copy/deletion usually ends up finishing OK...I just wait a while and then refresh and usually it is fine. In terms of other UI general sluggishness, some common causes would be: Having collection fields in your views (e.g. a collection of tasks on a project view) can really slow it down significantly. Having too many fields on your views. Groupings also slow things down, especially once you've got 100+ tasks on one page. Using views with 2000 items per page is always slow Regarding your other issues (3 minutes to delete a project), can you consistently replicate this? Can support replicate it? David Cornwell