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Is there a way when a requestor enters a request for it to notify/share view with their boss?


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I created a report by program to share on the boss's page so they can see all of the requests. (but some of these are General Manager level and will not be accessing WF)

We are wondering if there is a way for it to notify them that a request for their dept has been entered. Often times we get people asking for crazy stuff. We go though creating it and when it goes to their boss for approval they cancel the job. If they could see upfront what their team is ordering it could prevent that. (Our old system before WorkFront did that) We do have a field on the custom form where they enter their director's email address but it doesn't generate any notification to them.

Any ideas?

***I apologize for all of the questions. We did have an admin that was supposed to handle this stuff but she is no longer here so i am trying my best to learn everything I can to get our system set up the best way possible. I have a bunch of issues to solve and am doing everything i can to check them off the list.


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Hi Tracy,

Since it sounds like your desired process is to have Managers vet the requests as they are raised, one option might be to use an Approval Path: new requests would then "pause" on the Manager's Approval tab for their Accept (continue) or Reject (deny) decision, right up front.



Hi Doug,

I don't think this will work for us because we have very different levels of involvement by management depending on departments. We wouldn't want all of the requests getting held up waiting for management's approval.

Maybe I can set up a weekly report that shows all current requests and share with them via email.

They aren't involved in WF to have a dashboard set up for them. Just more for me to explore =)

Thanks for all your help!