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Is there a way to share one project issue across multiple projects instead of copying and maintaining the updates on numerous duplicate issues?


Level 3

We have many enterprise-wide projects with many different project teams inflight simultaneously. If an issue is reported in one project that turns out to impact other initiatives and teams, we would like to be able to share the 'master issue' of sorts to the other projects and as the 'master issue' is updated by the originating team, the other projects have the update right away. We would prefer not to copy the original issue to many projects and then try to correctly and efficiently maintain the issue updates across numerous duplicate issues and different teams.


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Level 8

I don't believe there is a way to do this, however you could put it in a report/dashboard and then share that across your teams. They would all see the same issue but you could restrict editing to only the originating team.

This is essentially the same idea as what you're saying, but instead of one master issue and many 'duplicates' you just have one that is shared via an alternate page.