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Is there a way to create a column for a view that gives a list of users who have completed their tasks and whose primary role has all tasks complete?


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I've been trying to get a list of project users that can be removed from the project who have completed all their tasks and their primary role has all the tasks associated with it completed as well.


So far I've only been able to make two columns that show the primary roles left with tasks on the project and which users are assigned to the project.


I'm new to Workfront and am not familiar with the syntax for text mode yet. I was thinking that an IF statement might accomplish this but I'm not sure how to represent the objects I want in the syntax. I'd greatly appreciate any help thanks!

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Out of curiosity, what's the driving force behind the request? Is it to limit the projects that show up on the timecard? If yes, those tasks should fall off the timecard once the timeframe for the task is finished. Unless the end users are pinning tasks to their timecard. Those would need to be manually removed. 


One quick way that you might review this is to change the grouping on the project to show:

- Owner: Job Role

- Owner: Name


This will group the tasks first by Job Role and then by the user assigned, so you could see on the Standard view the relevant data.


Generally speaking though for our use case, we would keep those users and job roles assigned from a historical perspective when reviewing things like time to complete, and user capacity. 


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The driving force was the PM lead wanted to remove individuals from projects who had no work left to do on the project so they wouldn't receive notifications on the project anymore.


The roles would stay assigned but lets say a user has finished all their tasks and there are no tasks left with roles they are assigned to, the PM wants to remove them from the People list on the project so they no longer receive notifications on that project.


So I was looking for a way to hopefully find all the projects that a user is on that they no longer have work to do or possible work that could be assigned to them.


The closest I've been able to get is a project report with a view that shows all the users assigned to the project and all the roles left that need assignment on the project. But I don't think I know enough of the syntax to combine the columns to remove users who don't have any remaining tasks or tasks that can be assigned to them.