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Is it possible to turn off notifications at the project level?


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I need to put my project into current mode, but I do not want notifications to go to all the resources assigned (not yet anyway). Is it possible to turn off notifications to task assignees just for my one project?


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@Ann Calvitti‚ In-app notifications cannot be turned off and email notifications are configured at the global level, so currently, it would not be possible to adjust those based on a specific project.

I'm not entirely sure of your use case, but if you did want to "test" a few things out while the project was in a Current status, you could make a copy of the project and just remove all the assignees. Then, when you're ready, make any final updates to the original version that is still in Planning.

If you have any questions, let me know!


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Interested to learn if it's now possible to limit the large number of WorkFront notifications I receive via Outlook. Would like to customize so that I receive action-request notifications only.


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There are a couple ways to adjust the notifications that you receive via Outlook. From within Wokfront if you go to the Main Menu, then to your profile. Once you are on your profile page, click the 3 "more" dots next to your name and select Edit. You can then jump down to the Notifications sections and turn off either Daily or Instant notifications as you wish.


Additionally, if you scroll to the bottom of any email notification that you receive in your inbox, there is a link to "Manage Subscriptions" which will take you into Workfront and de-activate and highlight that specific notification - so you can be sure you want to turn that one off before you save the change.