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Is anyone having issues with timesheets duplicating hours?


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We submit timesheets weekly. In the last couple of weeks I have seen 8 instances where the user entered an amount in their timesheet, and Workfront doubled the hours when the timesheet was saved. I am trying to work on this with support but wanted to see if anyone else has run into this. It is inconsistent behavior but it is problematic as I need to ensure that we are billing correctly. We use Chrome and I have users on both Mac and PC.


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Hi Jennifer,

We experienced the same situation with hours entered on 1/31 for the previous week.

The user noticed it when he toggled between the All timesheet view - that showed total hours entered and then the individual timesheet. The view showed 42 hours but the timesheet showed close to double the hours by day and those individual entries were duplicated when going into the hours in the project - but strangely enough not every record was duplicated about 90% of them were. I entered in a support ticket - the problem could not be re-created by WF. My concern was similar to yours as we may use these hours for billing or just comparing budget vs actual.

I created a journal entry report to track down all the hours entered in that particular day to see if other users experienced the same issue - I didn't look like it happened again but I haven't looked further as it is difficult to see.

It is very inconsistent.

We use Chrome typically and the user was in Chrome when this happened.


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Hi Sherri - This sounds like what I have been experiencing. This has happened on our timesheets for weeks ending 2/4 and 2/11 so far (we use Friday for week ending date). The behavior appears to be somewhat random because I've only seen it on a small portion of our timesheets. I have seen examples where it impacts the entire week, and others where it only doubles hours on one day. I am extremely concerned about this behavior and have escalated my support ticket. I am not clear on whether this is a Chrome issue or a Workfront issue, but either way it is very concerning. I am having to spend a lot of extra time parsing thru timesheet data to correct the ones with doubled hours. I have Workfront integrated with our billing system and these hours are used for actual billing transactions. I will post another reply whenever I get this sorted out in case my learnings are helpful for you. In a way, it is helpful to know that this is happening to another Workfront client as it means the issue is likely not with my company network or something similar.

I suspect that it could be a Chrome specific issue but it is hard to tell as I've seen correct and incorrect behavior in Chrome for the same timesheet.