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Internal project requests absorbing Parent Project custom form information


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The ask is that when a user creates an request within a project, it can absorb the core custom form information from the parent project so that if/when that request is converted to a new project that information is reflective of the originating project.


Example for our business use:


A provider team CM has a project where they receive content and all approvals. Once project is complete they would submit an internal request through the project that would be delivered to our digital web team for upload onto our website. The web team would then take this request and convert it to a project owned by the digital web team so they can keep track of their own tasks but that project ultimately ties directly back to the originating project without the Web team needing to fill out the core business information from the originating project all over again. this would save time and would be extremely convenient.


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Hi @BrittanyGe - In order to accomplish this, you would need to use Fusion. Due to the hierarchy structure in Workfront and way data transfers between them, you can get project information to show on a request that rolls up to it, but once that request is created into its own project it will be gone. You could consider having a program object with that high-level information and then use calculated fields on the project to pull that information done. Just an idea since the way you are intending won't go as planned without involving Fusion to copy over field data.