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In-Line Edit on a Project Report Not Working


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Hello, What settings would prevent a field from being able to In-Line Edit in a Project report? I am an Admin. I have 4 fields that are single-line text, number format. Two can be edited in-line in a report. In the same report, the other two fields cannot be edited in-line. Text mode settings for all 4 are the same. Any ideas as to why? Angie Stockton Nielsen - COE

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Angie, There can be many reasons why a field can not be edited in-line but I will give you 3 of the most common reasons I have found. 1 - The field is from a different object custom form. For instance, since you have a Project report, if you are referencing a field from the Portfolio or Program, you will not be able to modify that particular field. You can only in-line edit fields that belong to the same object as the report is created from 2 - The field is a project field but on a different form and that form has not been shared with one of the groups you belong to. One awesome feature of Workfront is that IF you are a member of a group the form has been shared with, when you in-line edit the field it automatically attaches the form to the project...the form does not have to be attached to the project before you in-line edit. The only catch is that the form has to be shared with a group that the person who is editing the field belongs to. 3 - Someone purposefully made the field so it can't be edited. If you go into text mode and change the valuefield to valueexpression and put a formula like CONCAT({Custom Field},"") you will not be able to in-line edit. Please let me know if you find that none of these reasons fit your particular situation. Thanks, David
DAVID A. TAYLOR Founder & Managing Consultant