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Image as a Link


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I have a report column where I am using valuexpression to build out a URL link to a custom tab in an issue that shows a dashboard with details about the attached documents. The problem is, the resulting URL is pretty unsightly as it is very long. Does anyone know of a way that I can use an image as the link, kind of like a button instead of the URL text? Below is what I have used so far: displayname=Document Details textmode=true valueexpression=CONCAT("https://mydomain.my.workfront.com/issue/view?ID=",{ID},"&activeTab=content-dashboard__593721ab00401e6a92e8a13a2d306dba") valueformat=HTML and here is what it returns. (and the links do work as planned) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Frank Jaeger KeyBank
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@Frank Jaeger If you were to setup this valueexpression as a calculated field, and then attach the custom form to all objects, you can add that field as a column to your report. Then, you will be able to apply conditional formatting via Advanced Options which would allow you to display an icon or sample text, Click Here, for example, rather than showing the entire URL. The article, Linking Tabs from Lists and Reports would be your best bet in terms of step by step instructions for creating that calculated field. Nichole Vargas Workfront