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How to Set Up Data Store for Multi Select Fields


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We are trying to build a scenario to translate data between two objects in Workfront. The two objects will be Program and Document. 


We want to translate the single channel field in program into three different fields in document. For example, if SMS is selected in the channel program field, we will want to cascade three different values to three different fields in document form. 



I managed to set up triggers beautifully. However when it comes to data store set up, this is where I am stucked at. I use the Search am using the Search Record module for Data Store module. The filter I put is Channel in Data Store is equal to Channel selected in Program. 


It works when there is a single value. However the Channel field we set up is actually a multi select field. The operation stopped at the data store module as they are not able to pick up multiple values. 


Is there a way for us to set up the data store filter so that it will be able to pick up multi select values? We would want to avoid using switch module as it is not feasible for maintenance. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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here are my few thoughts:

- you are saying you use filter "equal to", I would switch this to one of array operators like "contains"

- multi-select field is essentially a collection, so array operators should work better with them

- what I sometimes do is to add OR clause and use Array operators to identify multi-select scenario and Text operators to identify single-select scenario

I hope this helps



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Hi @Rafal_Bainie 


Thank you for your reply! I tried using array operator - contains and it still does not work for multi select values. Here's how the filter is set up in the Data Store - Search Record module:



The first value on the top is actually the values we put in the data store. All the values in the columns are single values. Meanwhile the value in the bottom is the one coming from Workfront program and this value will have multi select values most of the time, depending on the metadata associated with the programs. 


Could you help to look further into this please? Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!