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How to display Last Note/Status Update added by an users in a report


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Hello, I am new to the community and did research without success to answer the question below: I can't figure out how to display the last task status update in a report regardless who made the updates. Currently, only status updates added by the task owner display: I want to display the last update for each remaining taks, whether the text updates made by the tasks owner or any other team member. I am able to display on the Project level (Customized view) but can't in a report (to display in a dashboard). Any advice? Thanks in advance! Isabel

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This should work in either a task, issue or project report. Latest Update Purpose: Show the latest update, who provided it and when. Only shows the first 139 chars and a "more" if there is more to be read.

displayname=Latest Update

namekey=latest update


valueexpression=IF(LEN({lastNote}.{noteText})>140, CONCAT(SUBSTR({lastNote}.{noteText},0,139),"...(open for more) -- ", {lastNote}.{owner}.{name}," on ", {lastNote}.{entryDate}), IF(LEN({lastNote}.{noteText})>0, CONCAT({lastNote}.{noteText}," -- ", {lastNote}.{owner}.{name}," on ", {lastNote}.{entryDate})))



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Hi, @NRYN R - inactive‚ is there a way to display an update that contains specific text??

I'm wanting to see the latest text on a project that contains "Weekly Notes".


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Hi, Can you please suggest where to type the code in Text mode please? Ashutosh Gupta AVEVA


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Sure! Here's a clip showing how this was added to an issue report: https://www.screencast.com/t/cdCNzaCyR