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How to customize a field to filter to down to a specific type


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I have a team that uses the issue tab in project to log in objectives and action items. There is a log type field created to tag whether an issue is an "objective" or "action item". I am trying to create a project report in Workfront that shows the total number of issues and number of open issues. However, the total number of issues and number open issues is the sum of all issue entries per project; so it counts both my objective and action items. Is there a way to modified these two columns in text mode (or some other approach) to filter down to only "action item". 


I have tried to filter my report by issue type, but the total issue column still shows both objectives and action items. And modifying the total issue in text mode by adding my custom field but that produced no result (I know my syntax is likely wrong). 


displayname= Total Action Items
namekey=DE:totalOpTaskCount:IssueType=Action Item
querysort=DE:totalOpTaskCount:IssueType=Action Item
valuefield=DE:totalOpTaskCount:IssueType=Action Item


Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. 

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@AnnieXLe Because issues are considered a collection of a project (1:many relationship) you won't be able to SUM values using text mode or modify the existing fields for "Number of Open Issues." You would only be able to get a list of the action item names vs a count.

I'd recommend creating an Issue Report with the following:

  • Filter for Log Type = Action Items
  • Group by Project Name followed by Log Type
  • In the chart area, choose a Column or Bar Chart and set your Bottom (X) axis to Project Name and then toggle on Group Columns > Stacked > by Log Type.

That way, you'll get to see how many Action Items by Project in a quick visual, and if you want, add that report to a dashboard, and the dashboard as a custom tab on your project, so it's easily accessible. 

Hope that helps!