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How do you name your marketing projects?


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We are looking to develop a naming convention for our marketing material. Looking for suggestions or good resources to develop. TIA


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I'm not sure how your marketing department is organized, or what you use Workfront for, but this works well for us.

We essentially have four marketing categories. Each one controls a collection of brands. This is how we structure the projects for each one of those categories.

First is the category abbreviation. Personal care becomes PC. Then the brand that this project is for. If the project spans multiple brands we replace this with the publication, event, or another type of distinguishing factor. We'll say this is for our Alloy brand. Our third section is a description of the project. Something like a label update for deodorant would be Deo_Label_Update. Last is the month and year it needs to be finished!

*Note: We separate everything by hyphens to make it easier to find later.


This is super specific to our team, but hopefully it gives you a good idea.


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We use the reference ID number in WF as the unique project number. This is combined with a code based on the client we are doing the work for as well as the year the project was initiated. For example, KRA-21-102897. Our project managers add this code (KRA-21-102897) to the beginning of the project name.


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Our naming convention is much like Samantha's but the year comes first. We do many smaller projects and we categorize them by the year they were started. Each year we begin numbering from 001.

21_174_Central Campaign

So the Central Campaign was the 174th project in 2021.


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Our naming convention is sort of a combination of these. We tried using the WF reference number, but that quickly grew to too many digits for our team.

we now use year-number-tactic abbreviation-brief description (which may include brand if applicable)


if the tactic is part of a campaign, we also include a 3-digit code between the year and the project number.


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We use a 'What-Where-When' naming convention

What = What the campaign is for / name of the Campaign

Where = Where the campaign is being launched - region or country

When = When the campaign is being launched - month and FY


New Customer Welcome - Europe - April FY21


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We follow a (Project Ref#)-(Line of Business)-(Request Name)

So it might be something like 295300-PTG-Advisor Flyer

Our corresponding piece codes that identify our documents following something similar - (Project Ref#)-LOB-(Document Ref#).

So it would be something like 295300-PTG-394522. That's what goes at the bottom of our collateral.

I have a calculated field that will create both....so the person setting up just copies and pastes.