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How are you all handling Social Media posts through proofing?


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Currently we are taking screenshots of our social media posts and sending them through proofing. However users also need to check the live post to make sure it's correct. In order to view the live Facebook/Instagram post it's requiring the individual user to log in to their personal accounts. We don't want that. Does anyone have any best practices for handling these? Possibly creating a test social account and sharing the username/password with all reviewers??? Any way to use Interactive proofing for these?


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I did digital (web) QA a few years back, and we used a special admin account for Facebook testing. Basically a fake persona that is all locked-down to be super-private and not shared anything. But the only person who used it was a QA Manager, so such testing was concentrated with that person.

However, Facebook would go through bouts of closing accounts that looked fake.

They also change their settings screens alot to trip-up users and I was constantly auditing these admin accounts to keep them from sharing-out to the greater Facebook community or servers. Not sure if the new laws made this aspect any easier?