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Home Filter showing more items than it's showing


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Has anyone else noticed that the filter on the home screen will display a number but then not display the number shown.

Example: When I select the option for All (5) the filter will only show me 2 items even though I assumer it would show 5. HOWEVER - when I select just the task option that also shows (5) next to it - it will display the items noting them as "planned". (Photos Attached)

When i engaged support they told me this was normal functionality for the filter but it seems off to me.

They asked me submit this as an idea but I really feel it's a bug in the filters so thought I would get some feedback first.


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In looking at your screen shots, my first question was why are those "planned" tasks that appear on your Work List not accounted for in those numbers next to "Ready to Start", "Not Ready", "Completed"...?

I played around a bit with my Home and a project. It looks like "planned" tasks are in a project where the project status equates with Current, but is not the default status that equates with Current.

For us that default "current" status is "Production" meaning those projects are ready to work on. We also have a few other statuses that equate with current but we wouldn't want the tasks from a project with those statuses to show on Home for someone. Generally those projects are waiting either for someone to review something before the tasks are truly ready to work on.

The interesting part for me, is that issues from those projects with other "current" statuses DO show on Home.

I can see this as working as designed, but I can also see wanting it to work differently.

For us, we'd only want tasks from projects with that default "current" status to show on someone's Work List. But I can see other companies wanting more than 1 project status to pull tasks into Home.

I can also see the need for Issues to work the same even though we would continue to want all issues assigned to someone to pull into their Work List no matter which "current" status the project has.


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All great points!

I think the biggest issue for us is that it says there are more items than what it shows causing users to think there is a glitch or that they can't find something.

I'm in agreement that the planned items don't need to show but I think if they aren't going to show it shouldn't mention them in the All category.


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I would agree, if there's no way to see them they shouldn't be added into the count.