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Have a subtask or issue inherit the same value from a custom field as the parent task


Level 4

Hi community! We use a custom dropdown field called "Work Category" on all of our tasks. Often, subtasks or issues get logged on these tasks. I want them to have the same "Work Category" as the parent task for reporting purposes. I think this can be done with a calculated field but I'm not really sure how to do this. Or perhaps this would work as a calculated column since I only need it for the report? Can anyone help? Thank you much!


Melissa Davis

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Level 10


Hi @MelissaDa,


One pattern is to have a calculated custom parameter check a task for its own Work Category, and if it is blank, "move up" to check the parent(s) until a value is found, such as this:


IF(ISBLANK({DE:Work Category}),IF(ISBLANK(parent.{DE:Work Category}),...,parent.{DE:Work Category}),{DE:Work Category})


You can expand the ... part with as many parent.parent. (etc) cases as you think necessary.


The advantage/gotcha with this is that child Tasks need not match their parents.




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