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Hacker's Guide To Workfront


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I've had the idea of a Workfront Admin/Text field cookbook for a long time.  


Note that I don't work for Workfront/Adobe so this would be more of a Hacker's Guide to Workfront than the Authorized Guidebook


I just commented about this in an Ask the Expert call and there was a lot of support.


So what is your wishlist of what would go into this?


Note that this does exist:



Workfront Object Model: 

How is Workfront structured and how to think through the object model and make the most of the API explorer

What are the central objects in Workfront 

What are references

What are collections


Workfront API: 

Writing a basic query, expanding on the basics 

Using Postman


Workfront Fusion:

What is it?

How does it fit into the Integrations As A Service Landscape

Importing/Exporting Blueprints

Reading Fusion Scenarios in a Json Viewer/Integrated Development Environments


Calculations in Fields vs Reports

What functions are available 

How do they work

Comparison to Excel Functions


Textmode Primer



Format Types



Textmode Depths






Textmode Variants

The five text modes: filters, views, grouping, fields, aggregations

Matrix Reports







What are they good for?

How can you use them


Manipulating Workfront Data in Excel

The missing reporting elements


Exporting Workfront Data to BI Systems

What to think about

Time series vs Snapshot Data

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I think a lot of the text mode talk is folks giving other folks some fish… instead of teaching them how to fish. I would like to see more of a syntax guide along with all the "gotchas". There is a plethora of examples out there, no need for more. 

API calls and the syntax behind them would be great too.

Not only would I be willing to contribute, I would also buy one!


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Hi there, so like a text mode cheat sheet? I do like the cookbook style that shows screenshots and use case. I actually have a running list of text mode bits that I’ve added to on my own over past couple years, happy to share it for ideas on nuggets to include…

If this helped you, please mark correct to help others : )


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This would be so helpful! Love this idea!